Redecoration november 2020

During the first national lockdown in 2020, we decided to give the whole salon a repaint to freshen it up and use our downtime wisely.

We were then put into national lockdown again in November and we needed something to do.  There's always been the room in the middle of the salon which has been used for many things over the years - a kid's play room, a waiting area, a store cupboard to name a few.  But it's a room Anna has always had her eye on since she started at Foxes.  So we decided it would be a new lockdown project to make her a new herbal medicine consultation room.  It was hard work but we are so pleased with the result.  

With the room finished, we still had a week before we restarted work.  With our new enjoyment of wallpapering after lining and putting up patterned wallpaper in the new room, we decided to change the salon wallpaper!

We hope you like the changes.

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