Herbal medicine prices

We currently have an introductory offer on herbal medicine consultations.
valid until 31 December 2018.

Initial Consultation - £40
Follow up Appointments - £20
Please note - any tea, tinctures or medicines given incur an additional cost. 
This will be quoted at the appointment.

Bach Flower Remedies Consultation -  £20
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Herbal Teas - £5 per packet
These are available to try at the salon during your appointment.
Hug in a mug - uplifting and comforting (contains St John's wort, rose, lavender)
Buzzing Tea - uplifting and energizing (contains peppermint, St John's wort, cinnamon)
Happy Tummy - aids digestion (contains chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, ginger)
Under The Weather - for when your feeling unwell (contains elderberry, linden flower)
Sweet Dreams - promotes restful sleep (contains Valerian, lavender, passion flower)
Detox Tea - powerful but gently detoxifying (contains 9 detox herbs)
These are a few of the herbs in each tea- for a full list, please ask Anna.